ONEWAY Sober Living Home Founder, Director and Leader, Martin Anton Flor, taking the time out to smell the beautiful flowers on Athens Rd Table View. Why travel up the West Coast, we have it right here 2 min walk from the ONEWAY Residence. STOP! And smell the flowers.

Up & coming events – Testimonies – Courses – Acheivements – Celebrations




Events this past month:

Full Moon Swim 12th Aug, was thoroughly enjoyed by all participating.

NOTE: Cold Water Immersion (CWI) boosts
the cardiovascular circulation, which is beneficial for a healthy heart, a strong immune system, well-balanced mental health, and a high level of energy

Our monthly early morning prayer meetings: WHAT IS PRAYER?, WHY DO WE PRAY?, HOW DO WE PRAY? These are

all the questions we get asked. Our

morning prayer meetings equip us in addressing this.


ONEWAY received a sponsor to have our residents attend boxing classes starting 20th Sep. A HUGE thank you to Anthony Kettle from Panthers Arts & Fitness Academy, as he lends his professional skills to our guys. Should you also need self defense classes, want to take up Karate, MMA, Kick Boxing contact Anthony on cell: 083 592 9794 email: [email protected]


More up coming events include:

5 DAY SERVING PROJECT for Women of Hope in Betty’s Bay,       a POOL Comp, a COOK UP sesh with Henry Aluta, campus psychologist, teaching his  very  own heritage “Nigerian Agula”, Friday night Dad Jokes BURNOUT!! (Challenge accepted) & we end off  celebrating  Heritage  day  on the 24th, “WE BRAAI”  at  our  amazing beach Eerstesteen. Whoop Whoop!! Life is Good Sober!!


Morne is an old friend of Table View &  surrounds. He  joined  ONEWAY a few months ago. In this time has contributed so much to our home. We see a solid foundation set in  his Christian walk. He helps his community in multiple ways. Presently he helps oversee a small bush church in Happy Valley under the umbrella of Kingdom within Ministries Church in Melkbos. He has a passion for  street  &  bush people. Morne has pulled  together  a set of individuals, NPO’s & NPC’s, working presently at getting a program up & running for this little community. We have known Morne for many years & are continually amazed at the transformation that has taken place in his life over the last 3 years.

9 Interesting facts about Morne:

Has a passion for street/bush people, SA/WP Champ Waveski, since 1989 Teaches & coaches waveskiing, Phenominal knowledge of the Bible

Has a selfmade recipe book that puts the NAKED CHEF to shame, great cook, Extremely commical, loves children,

Gave up a 33 yr drug addiction overnight, Leads a bush community in bible study ferverently


BOOKS to read:

  • Digital Cocaine – A journey toward iBalance by BRAD HUDDLESTON
  • Switch on your brain by CAROLINE LEAF

MOVIES to watch:

  • BEN IS BACK with Julia Roberts
  • The Ellen Pakkies Story with Jill Levenberg

The addiction no one is

clasifying at dangerous!!! DIGITAL COCAINE

The above mentioned, suggested book to read, covering the age of digital addiction in many forms, highlighting internet addiction, porn, video games, cell  phone, even  multitasking addiction.   Texting addiction, fb, self harm, addictions. After reading  it  all we left with is WOW!!       Ok… so the pupose this book is bringing these addictions to our attention is not to advocate throwing out all our technology, but to  advocate using digital media in a produtive, balanced and non-addictive fashion.

The Apostle Paul says it very well “I have the right to do anything”, you say – but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”, but I will not be mastered by anything. 1 Corinthians 6:12

We loved the way this book  goes deeply into real life stories using real life events to show us the digital addiction problem we as parents face and of course our children. It goes on to say that many who are  not  even part of a faith based community recognize that we cannot separate the physical from the spiritual.  Addiction has spiritual consequences

The Apostle Paul says it very well “I have the right to do anything”, you say – but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”, but I will not be mastered by anything. 1 Corinthians 6:12

Celebrations -Tamzin’s 50th Mad Hatter’s Tea Party


On the 3rd Sep, I celebrated my 50th birthday by treating all my friends and family to a cute Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at my home. It was discribed as fun, hillareously entertaining, warm & emotional. With singing, games and lots of cakes shared by all my guests we were pleasently reminded that it is possible to have a good time sober.

Do you have a heart to help people, but don’t have a clue where to start…..?

Take a look at…

ONEWAY Back a Buddy on fb. eway-sober-living-fundraiser

Follow the link above & get  aquainted with how you can make a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE with your personal donation. ONEWAY works hard at showing the community that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE & living a  sober life  is  a  result of support from family, friends and more importantly organisations like ONEWAY SOBER LIVING HOME TABLE VIEW


Above: ONEWAY Sober Living Home SnapScan

We facilitate meetings to help equip the community in areas of ALL kinds of addictions.  We  run  support groups for the families suffering with loved ones in addiction. If you are feeling alone  in  the  addiction  cycle & need help, contact us.

Martin Flor 0722862491

Tamzin Flor 0787408050

Kevin Eberhardt 0745871855 Andrew De  Kock  0832614366 VIEW CHURCH W/APP 0632500235

Addiction Victorious – St Matthews Church, Jansens Road Table  View

Addiction Victorious – St Matthews Church, Jansens Road Table View News: Andrew De Kock who runs Addiction Victorius is professionally

coaching lives to a better way of sobriety.

33 years in the  business.  ONEWAY proudly acknowledges the work he does. Martin the founder of Oneway  Sober Living has been under his mentorship for

9 ½ years now. Many have witnessed his dedication and ability to walk a solid journey of recovery with people attending his meetings. Should you  require  personal coaching or   mentorship   contact Andrew on