ONEWAY Sober Living Home Table View expansion drive has kicked off and we have raised R8293.29, R39 081,78 to go! The recovery Ribbon above signifies addiction recovery worldwide.


New addmissions – New Sponsors Achievements – International drug awareness day 26th June ‘22’ watch this space.



NEW ADDMISIONS:Travis Sandells & Morne De Villiers.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Kyle Brody won the ONEWAY pool competition & was  voted No 1 in our April Master Chef Competion

SHOUT OUT to New Sponsors

A big THANK YOU for seeing the potential in ONEWAY. For supporting our cause, investing in us & helping us to make a difference!

DALA – 100% A grade Art Supplies to use in our outreaches and fundraisers.

GIDEONS BIBLES – to use for our Outreach programs and to offer to our residents as gifts.

PADDINGTON STATION – Especially Paul Reynelle, Managing Director your company investiment speaks volumes.

HARRY CHRYSANTHOU – out in America, Las Vegas, for you unconditional love towards ONEWAY. Your amazing ability to get our name out into your world. Your investment into ONEWAY has catapulted us into a position able to make things happen!!

Just to conclude, we as an organisation can’t make a difference without the help of people and companies like the above. Just this month we received such a lot of motivation and financial help that it has truly lifted the ONEWAY morale overall. This is seen by the wonderful gents we have in our home, showing them that recovery is possible, people do care, they do have a successful future awaiting them with our help.


Travis’ journey of sobriety started at Hope Farm in Hope Field CT. where he completed 5 months of primary care.  He then joined ONEWAY, was with us for the period of 1 year. Whilst away on holiday, out of the accountablity that ONEWAY offers, Travis relapsed. When this came to the light, we immediately took action, getting Travis back to primary care – early intervention is key. At Hope Farm during this 3 months stay, he realigned himself with what was previously taught 1st time round, strengthening his relationship with the Lord and solidifying his sobriety foundation. Travis returned to ONEWAY stronger and ready for our new season together.

Big Current focus:

ONEWAY Expansion


Our expansion Drive kicked off at the beginning of April 2022. So far, we have managed to raise R8293.29. Should you want to donate to this project use the SnapScan directly below to Pledge your investment..

Plans have been submitted to the Cape Town munipality with Vincent from Archiblock handling our affairs. Parking is the big deciding factor, being on a corner property we are blessed as we do have 2 entrances.

Did you know one room requires one parking area on the property with clear access in and out. Our decision currently is to decide where we will situate our 8 parking bays.

Above: ONEWAY Sober Living Home SnapScan


Kevin is the glue that keeps ONEWAY together with his extrovert personality, fun outlook on life, great humor, competitive nature and overall is loving in so many ways. ONEWAY is so grateful to have him on our team.

Kevin comes from a family of 4 boys so now we know where he gets all that fun playful energy from. Being the eldest in his family we see how the leadership potential developed. It shines through when handling the residents at ONEWAY. Many life experiences makes Kevin the perfect candidate for managing many sectors of the ONEWAY organisation.

11 Interesting facts about Kevin:

Favourite sport – Golf, Mashi Golf

Kevin is VERY competitive!!

Out & Out Pokemon Fan

Good with figures (hence financial guy)

Loves good food

The glue that keeps the relational part of ONEWAY together

All about  FUN FUN FUN!

Has a heart of gold

Bakes the most amazing speciality cakes (gluten free, sugar free, Vegan cakes etc)

Paintball champ, Soccer goaly of the year, Pictionary rule keeper with Zero tolerance.

Kevin is a photographer and videograper

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10 Signs of a co-dependent
relationship: IS THIS YOU?

1. You have trouble
articulating your emotions
& feelings.

2. You want to please

3. You feel the need to fix

4. You struggle to set clear
boundaries in your life.

5. You sacrifice your own
wants and needs to
appease others.

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6. You are loyal to fault.

7. You ignore and deny
conflict & other problems.

8. You have low self-esteem
and self-worth.

9. You feel responsible for
the feelings and actions of

10. You refuse to seek help
because you don’t feel like
the problem is that bad.

If you answered ‘yes’ to more that 5
of these questions, you could be a
co-dependent. We can help you.